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Being a family caregiver

I started this business to address a reoccurring issue that crosses all demographics. Family caregivers are often thrown into that position. When I figured out that I was in that position, to be quite honest I felt trapped.

I was I'm my late thirties with 2 children in school at the cusp of the pandemic. I am naturally good at planning. Alhamdulillah, it's my gift. However I didn't figure out how to organize this mess until he was on the way to the hospital. He passed shortly after.

(Podcast episode above: My story)

Here are a few tips

1.Get a digital calendar

I never got to utilize it to its fullest extent, but my link I created is still active. This helps to send reminders to your support system. Sometimes if you can get 1 day a month of relief, it'salot.

2. Have as many delivery options as possible

Amazon,Walmart instant etc are a big relief for must haves. The fewer trips you have to make out, the better.

3. Set up as many virtual services as possible

Prescriptions, wellness check ups, zoom calls to family etc. All these things are essential to utilize for your own peace of mind.


About our services

We provide consulting and virtual assistant services all in the same package. Every family has different needs and we cater to each families needs. Here are some examples of what we offer.

●We'll call you to remind you about Doctor appointments for your loved one

●We'll set up/ cancel necessary appointments for you (Dr appointments, beauty, therapy, etc)

●We'll facilitate virtual meetings so your family will be on one accord

●We'll set up a schedule so your support system can alternate responsibilities. They'll all get text and email reminders

●We'll search for community resources on your behalf (Assistance, home alterations for disabled etc)

●We'll facilitate in person meetings to have your family on one accord(Area restrictions may apply)

Click the link below to set up a consultation so we can get started.

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