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Cost of services starts at $500???

Yes absolutely. $500 is the STARTING monthly price. Phone Consultations are mandatory and are currently $100. This article won't delve too much into "What I feel I'm worth ". I have made countless podcast episodes regarding that as it relates to my other businesses. The purpose of this article one is to state a few facts.

1.A personal assistant's & receptionist's yearly income is at LEAST three times that.

We don't even have to look up statistics of what a receptionist costs....although we did不不.

So if we divide that up, you would be paying around $3,000/month for a receptionist at entry level.

We take care of things so you don't have to. Being a caregiver can be overwhelming especially if you still have a job to report to. You can easily be all over the place mentally & physically. We handle things like appointment reminders, scheduling pick up services, formulating grocery/task lists, organizing your family meetings (virtual or in person)etc.

You may even need extended services like reminders to attend your child's parent teacher conferences or internet searches for sale items, services or medical providers. Making travel arrangements is another example or even making arrangements for care if you need a break yourself. Perhaps collections from family members to pay for a few days of nursing care to relieve you.

2. A paid nursing assistant is just that....a nursing assistant

Even IF you are blessed enough to pay a nursing assistant, their tasks are limited. They also charge per hour.

So their priority is the care as it relates to your loved ones health as opposed to countless other tasks. For example : the support services for the family caregivers.


About our services

We provide consulting and virtual assistant services all in the same package. Every family has different needs and we cater to each families needs. Here are some examples of what we offer.

We'll call you to remind you about Doctor appointments for your loved one

We'll set up/ cancel necessary appointments for you (Dr appointments, beauty, therapy, etc)

We'll facilitate virtual meetings so your family will be on one accord

We'll set up a schedule so your support system can alternate responsibilities. They'll all get text and email reminders

We'll search for community resources on your behalf (Assistance, home alterations for disabled etc)

We'll facilitate in person meetings to have your family on one accord(Area restrictions may apply)

Click the link below to set up a consultation so we can get started.

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