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Technology for Seniors

Updated: Jan 20

Hello this is Dawn M. Williams.

I am the owner of 'The Research Departments' . So, I just wanted to give a quick verbal explanation as to what is a virtual assistant.  Now if you are a type of senior I've  seen you who doesn't necessarily want to sit down and learn all of the intricacies that come with understanding your phone and you just need somebody to just do the services for you, (this is for you.)

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For example, you just need somebody to perhaps set up an email account, register one of your accounts online, For example sometimes you can't renew your driver's license in person and you have to set up the appointment online or perhaps setting up other online appointments, things of that nature that comes with a fee.

Now I do offer classes sometimes for free, (sometimes in person, sometimes virtual). If none of these are an option for you and you just simply want somebody to do these services for you that comes at a cost so right now at the time of this recording the fee I have come up with will be  a la carte' fee of $30 per hour. 

Now, we can divide it in half, but it depends on what task that you want and each person will be sent an invoice probably by mail because more than likely you're not into this technology thing. OK, so I'm going to leave all the information on the screen right here links will be in the description. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day

Do you want to pay in person for the virtual assistant services? There are 2 options

  1. Pay for an in person consultation ($100). Click here or call to schedule.

  2. Come to a registration event ($10). Appointment slots are 20 minutes each. Click here for registrstion, dates & locations.

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