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"Research Shows....."Podcast

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This is the episode list with appropriate links for season 3 of "Research Shows....." Podcast.

Original air date : 4/22/2022

(#25)Season 3 Ep1 | Season Premiere

ft. Kai Has YouTube changed cosmetology?


(#26)Season 3 BONUS Ep 1

VOTE for the best INTRO


(#27)Season 3 Ep. 2

Public Speaking with Brenden Kumarasamy

(ABOVE: Audio version on YouTube)

In this episode we interviewed Brenden Kumarasamy. he is a public speaking coach and YouTuber. He gives us lots of tips during this interview especially directed towards introverts who are looking to become better at public speaking.

Find him on YouTube under "Master talk".

(#28)Season 3 Ep.3

School Shooting Drills with Kelli

(ABOVE: Audio version on YouTube)

We talked to my long time client Kelli about the new procedure that the American public school system has to address the uptick in school shootings.

(#29)Season 3 Ep.4

Noah Healy - Founder of Coordisc

(ABOVE: Audio version on YouTube)


On this episode we interviewed part-time mathematician and current patent owner Noah. He has an invention that will revolutionize the commodity markets.

(#30)Season 3 Ep.5

Robert Boog Author of Shakey's Madness

(ABOVE: Audio version on YouTube)


We interviewed Author Robert Boog. He gave us a different perspective on Shakespeare's writings. his book delves into how Royal history intermingled with Shakespeare's writings.



(ABOVE: Audio version on YouTube)

(#32)Season 3 Ep. 6

Phil Blows - founder of Aqru

(ABOVE: Audio version on YouTube)

On this episode we discuss cryptocurrency and Phil's book. He has a background in financial services and has much to tell us.

(#33)Season 3


(ABOVE: Audio version on YouTube)

This is our 1st morning show! Below are the exact times of each segment.  Please be sure to rate us on Spotify or Apple podcasts

0:13 Kelli, Black Ice & Dawn - "The morning crew" - Isis Karen

12:26 Lolita  - "Two tips from Lolita" Workplace Bullying 

19:26 Umar - "Gaming for Noobs" G.T.A. 5

25:11 Debby - "Ms. Debby is the bomb "Jealousy & older women

37:15 Dawn - "Morning motivation " The Replacement Theory 

(#34)Season 3 Ep. 7

Antione - Owner of " The Focus Point

(ABOVE: Audio version on YouTube)


During this episode, we speak to the owner of the focus point Antoine. He walks us through several areas of the barbering industry from booking to inspiration. You can find him on Instagram @thefocuspoint1



(ABOVE: Audio version on YouTube)


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